AAC Policy

Understanding Acupuncture Liability

Due to the controversial nature of this treatment, practicing professional acupuncturists are especially vulnerable to allegations of malpractice. AAC Acupuncture Liability Insurance exists to protect individuals operating in this field who could be at risk of accusations and lawsuits.
In the rare event that a professional error is made, AAC Acupuncture Liability insurance is there to back the practitioner and protect their best interests. Unfortunately, without the protection of insurers, an acupuncturist in the circumstance of a lawsuit could suffer extensive damages and occupational loss.

SELECTING A POLICY: Offering, one of the most comprehensive professional liability insurance programs in the acupuncture profession, AAC offers acupuncture malpractice insurance that in some cases goes beyond your scope of practice. For example, Herbs, cosmetic or facial acupuncture, or animal acupuncture may be covered by an AAC policy even if they are not a part of your states’ acupuncture scope of practice.
AAC offers a wide range of limits of liability. From $100,000 per claim / $300,000 aggregate all claims in a policy year to $2,000/$4,000,000. Acupuncturist standard limits of liability are $1,000,000/$3,000,000. If you need an unusual limit of liability call us we likely have that limit of liability available.

Coverage Options

As one of the most experienced and reliable malpractice insurance companies we offer newly licensed malpractice insurance discounts and can provide additional acupuncture and oriental

UNDERSTANDING POLICY COVERAGE: Modalities covered include; needle insertion and removal, herbal remedies, Tui na, both direct and indirect moxibustion, and cupping. Other modality coverages such as; facial rejuvenation, injection therapy, or animal acupuncture are available upon request. The policy is valid from the date of inception until it renews after one policy year.
In general the AAC policy covers, in eastern medical terms, the differential diagnosis and treatment within your scope of practice, within the state you are licensed to practice, unless the insurance